Progress heading into the Summer?

Every morning, every week, every month and every year we all get a chance to reset. A chance to show our production and reap the rewards (or losses) for that time period. The same applies to the prudent investor. As the markets rises, so does investor confidence. But be-careful-what-you-wish-for. We are seeing lower trading volume which could suggest caution for any new money being invested. Our advice, be strategic with your choices. Doing so may allow for better sleep.

For those already invested, last month saw the S&P 500 index profit for the 6th time over the last 7 months. Maybe a quiet thank you to the Fed is warranted for wanting to rein in inflation. However, this is the same Fed that quickly raised interest rates in the first place making things a bit more expensive … again too quickly. Moreover, for the first time since 2021 job openings were reported lower month over month.(1) But I digress. Bottomline, remain cautious considering current market performance.

As a firm, we too are at a point in the year where we want to be cautious by checking progress or production. We are asking our clients to schedule a mid-year meeting to review your goals. This is probably more meaningful if you have dependents, or if you are a business owner. We call it iPlan. iSave. iRetire. – Where we review what you’ve done over the year(s) to reach stated goals and determine the probability of actually achieving those stated goals.

During this process we suggest corrective actions that can potentially increase chances of reaching stated goals by simulating scenarios observed.

iRetire then provides a visual revealing what your projected future could look like if suggested recommendations were implemented.

At the end of the day, we all just want to know whether or not we are productive. There is no better time than the present to find out.

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  1. Job openings fell again in April, hitting lowest level since February 2021 in a sign of labor market weakening (