iPlan attempts to answer the question “is your money working as hard for you as you have for it?” As our logo states, we go beyond stocks and bonds by working with clients that want the security of knowing that their financial health will protect their lifestyle, assets, and needs. Regardless of your financial condition, iPlan helps investors keep and grow more of their money.

Why we do it?

Consider this, a business has an EIN or Employer Identification Number which is similar to your Social Security Number. A business has income, expenses and pays taxes just like you do. A business also has a business plan where they monitor and track their financials and future goals. Do you have the same for yourself?


If you were to view your life as a business, your overall returns and savings could be significantly higher than investing alone. In short, Financial Planning can increase your wealth beyond your investments by answering questions like:

  • Do I have the right investments in my portfolio
  • What strategy should I use to lower my taxes
  • Do I need a will or Life Insurance
  • Should I refinance debt


So why do we do this? Because you are more than stocks and bonds.