Everyone Needs a Financial Plan!!

People often don’t understand the importance of financial planning or what it actually is. It is not investing. It is a DELIVERED plan that you follow to improve your financial decisions.

I could cite several reasons why you would want a plan, but an easier way is to compare you – to a business.

Let’s look at the similarities:
1. A business has an EIN (Employer Identification Number) / You have a SSN (Social Security Number)
2. A business has income, expenses and pays taxes / You have income, expenses and pay taxes
3. A business has a business plan / You …

So ask yourself:

“Am I getting the best possible life with my current planning?”
“Are my financial resources arranged in the most efficient manner to support my lifestyle?

If you were to view your life as a business, you’ll have a better sense of how satisfied you are with your life and your finances and to a greater extent, have a better understanding of how to utilize your wealth to improve your everyday living.

Track For Success

At iPlan, we recognize that life is more than investments. Stocks and bonds alone don’t create wealth. However, you can increase your chances if you have intelligent planning and achievable goals.

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